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Why Every Business Needs SEO!

Every business shares the goal of increasing their revenue. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by driving traffic to your website from search engines, this is called SEO. More clicks = more traffic = more views & purchases.

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On-Site SEO

SEO – Organic Rankings

Search Engine PPC & PPM


How Our SEO Services Work

Our SEO services work by combining PPC with organic search results so that you get multiple streams of traffic. You will see results within the first week from ads we display across search engine networks. The second stream of traffic will come soon after depending on your competition and how aggressive you want your campaign to be.

How Our SEO Services Give You a Great Return on Your Investment

Before beginning any SEO project we first do thorough keyword research based on your business goals and then analyze your competition. The next thing we do is fix and add in all of the proper on-site SEO to give you the foundation you’ll need to rank high in search engines. Next we begin white hat link building and send you reports on all work and progress that is made on your project.

Month 1: Perfecting Your On-Site SEO & Driving CPC Traffic

  1. We run an analysis on your current website and previous seo done to it – and check for penalties
  2. We run a full keyword analysis to see what rankings you would benefit and profit from
  3. We combine our keyword analysis with your website and make changes to your websites coding to make your on-site SEO perfect and able to rank for desired keywords. At this point we will also make changes and additions to your content to ensure the best rankings possible.
  4. Send Google the current Sitemap of your website
  5. We run a full analysis on your competition and figure out exactly what we will need to do to outrank them
  6. We formulate a plan based on the competition analysis and your goals – whether they be for local or national rankings
  7. Install Google Analytics so we can monitor progress and send you monthly reports
  8. At this point we will have all of the information needed to setup the perfect PPC & PPM campaign across the search engine network to get you instant traffic to your website.

Month 2: Begin Off-Site SEO & Start Improving Organic Rank while Conducting PPC Ad Campaign

  1. Then we will create & optimize your Google maps listing, add citations and optimize local directories
  2. The next step will be to add social media accounts and optimize them
  3. Once the citations and social media accounts are in place we will start obtaining high quality links that we will strategically direct towards your website to boost its rank in the search engines even further
  4. We repeat the last step until your rank is where you need it to be for maximum traffic flow


Custom SEO Packages – designed around the needs of your business

Contact us for your custom quote. Prices vary based on the goals of your company.

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Fast & Easy Process

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In this first step you will tell us about the vision you have for your project and we will collect all of the information about your business that we need. We will come up with a solid plan of action for the development process. We will break the project into milestones to ensure that you are satisfied at every step along the way.

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During the second phase, our skilled team will start the development process and you will be able to check in at each step and make sure that you are satisfied with the direction of the project. By the end of the development phase, you will be able to see your vision brought to life.

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After your final revisions have been made we will then begin the last phase –  the big launch!
This final phase is when we release your beautiful finished project.
From here you can decide which marketing you’d like to implement to increase your sales.

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Local Office in Fort Lauderdale

With our office in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, FL, we are always available in person for our local clients.

Trustworthy & Punctual

We put the same care into your website as if it were our own. Also, when we are finished, you will own your website – no strings attached.

High Quality Work & Service

A team of highly skilled designers and internet marketing experts are here to help you succeed. We are truly a full-service design & marketing company.

Custom Solutions for Every Need

We know design & marketing isn’t a one size fits all. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied. We promise your clients will love it too.

Amazing Support

Same day edits with a 24 hour turnaround time & no mandatory subscriptions. Our support packages are available when you need it.

Fast ROI

With our affordable pricing packages & no hidden charges, you will quickly see a return on your investment. Our services produce RESULTS.

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